Our ManagemenT

MDC operates with a customer-centric mindset, functioning through its seven core units which are responsible for delivering strategic business goals:

  • Construction Operations Group (COG)
  • Construction Management Group (CMG)
  • Corporate Finance and Procurement Group (CFPG)
  • Construction Methods and Solutions Group (CMSG)
  • Commercial Group (CG)
  • Corporate Resources and Services Group (CRSG)
  • Operations Management Control Division (OMCD)

These core units all report directly to MDC’s Management Committee:

  • Dante M. Abando – President
  • Rodelito J. Ocampo – Head, COG and President, MDC BuildPlus, Inc. (MDC BP)
  • Ginaflor C. Oris – Chief Financial Officer and Head, CFPG
  • Bobby T. Menpin – Head, CMSG and President, MDC ConQrete, Inc. (MCI) and MDC Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MEQ)
  • Darwin L. Salipsip – Head, CMG
  • Henry R. Realon – Head, CG
  • Ferdie M. Mangali – Head, CRSG
  • Vince H. Medina – Head, OMCD

MDC’s Construction Operations Group is organized geographically by Construction Divisions (CDs) and Operation Centers (OpCens). Its network of local offices enables the company to provide focused and optimized construction services for its customers.

Construction Division 1

  • Cebu 1 Operations Center
  • Cebu 2 Operations Center
  • Mindanao Operations Center

Construction Division 2

  • BGC Operations Center

  • ARCA South Operations Center

Construction Division 3

  • Makati Operations Center

  • Circuit Operations Center

Construction Division 4A

  • Quezon City and North Luzon Operations Center

  • East Operations Center

Construction Division 4B

  • Manila Bay Operations Center

Construction Division 5

  • South Luzon 1 Operations Center
  • South Luzon 2 Operations Center

MDC BuildPlus, Inc.

  • North Luzon Operations Center
  • South Luzon Operations Center
  • Western Visayas Operations Center
  • Fit Out and Metal Forming

MDBI Construction Corp.

  • One Ayala Avenue Project
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens Redevelopment Project
  • Park Central Towers Project